🤗 The Power of Hugs and Cuddles in Nursery 🤗

At our nursery, we believe in the magic of cuddles! 💕 Here’s why staff cuddling children is so important:

1️⃣ Comfort & Security: Cuddles provide a warm, safe, and reassuring environment for our little ones.

2️⃣ Emotional Bonding: It fosters a strong emotional bond between children and caregivers, promoting trust and attachment.

3️⃣ Stress Relief: Hugs are like natural stress-busters, helping children feel relaxed and comforted.

4️⃣ Communication: Cuddling is a non-verbal way to show love and support, especially for those who may not have the words yet.

5️⃣ Healthy Development: Studies show that physical touch positively impacts a child’s cognitive and emotional development.

At our nursery, we understand the significance of these heartfelt connections. 💞 #CuddlesMatter #NurturingHearts #HappyKids